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How to Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are many ways to make money in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can complete Main Scenario Quests, raid dungeons and earn rewards from the Market Board.

Some of these activities aren’t as profitable as others. For example, Treasure Maps can yield a decent amount of Gil, but it takes a long time to reach the end-game.


In Final Fantasy XIV, the main currency in the game is Gil. Players can earn gil by defeating enemies and selling items, equipment, and Materia. They can also purchase gil from the Gold Saucer in Costa del Sol and use it to pay for inns, transport services, or the Coin command. Players can even buy a Gold Mountain ability that increases the amount of gil they receive after battle.

Another way to make gil is by raising the level of a player’s Chocobo companion. This takes a lot of patience, but it can be very profitable. This method requires a Free Company house or personal house and a garden that can grow crops like thavnairian onions. These onions are used to raise the Chocobo’s level and can be sold for a significant amount of Gil.

Players can also make gil by sending retainers out on ventures. These NPCs can return with loot that can be sold for a significant profit, including high-level gear. However, it is important to note that the market board for re-sellable items is constantly changing and what was once a valuable item could be worth nothing next month.

Glamour Gear is another popular source of F14 gil. These items can be used to add a unique look to a character and are frequently in demand. They can also be used to enhance a character’s stats. Some glamour gear is incredibly rare and will sell for a substantial sum.

Buying F14 Gil online can be a quick and convenient alternative to grinding in-game for the currency. Third-party marketplaces, such as mmogah, offer a secure platform where gamers can purchase FFXIV gil quickly and securely. They can then use this money to acquire weapons, equipment, and mounts for their characters. This process can save a lot of time and effort for gamers who would otherwise be forced to grind out levels and fight through dungeons to obtain gil. In addition, it can help them avoid the dangers of purchasing gil on the black market. The convenience of these third-party marketplaces makes them a popular choice for many gamers.

Glamour Gear

Glamour gear is a way to change the appearance of your armor or weapon. You can apply a number of different glamours to your gear and can change them as often as you like. However, this process is a bit complicated and requires many different steps. You can use the Glamour Dresser and plates to make the process easier.

If you have a piece of gear that you want to change its appearance, you need to use the Glamour Dresser (found in your Inn room and Grand Company squadron rooms) or Armoire (found in your housing area). First, select the item that you want to glamour. Then, highlight the item and select the glamour you wish to apply. This will change the appearance of your item and will cost you a Glamour Prism. You can also save a set of glamours to the Glamour Dresser, which can be useful when switching between jobs or just for quick swapping.

You can use the Glamour Dresser to glamour any item that you have in your inventory or Armoury Chest, except event gear and level 1 gear from a raid or dungeon. Once the glamour is applied, you can no longer use the original item. This is because you can only store a maximum of fifteen pieces of equipment in the Glamour Dresser at one time.

The Glamour Dresser is very useful because it allows you to save a set of glamours, which can be used on any piece of gear in your outfit. You can then change your look as often as you like without having to spend a lot of time and gil on the process.

The only downside to the Glamour Dresser is that you have to use a separate item called a Glamour Dispeller in order to remove a glamour. This item can be purchased on the market board or for Grand Company seals. However, you should keep in mind that any items that you place in the Glamour Dresser will lose their customizations (such as materia and signature if applicable) and any aetherial bonuses. They will also become spiritbound to you once they are removed from the Glamour Dresser.


Creating and melding weapons is one of the most popular ways to make Gil in FFXIV. The game features a plethora of boss-themed weapons that are popular among players, and the most desirable ones can sell for a considerable amount of money. In order to make more Gil, it is important to keep an eye on the Market Board and check out the prices of various items regularly. This way, you can be aware of the hottest weapons and make quick purchases when they drop.

Another great way to make gil is by farming dungeons and raids. The higher the difficulty of a dungeon, the more valuable its rewards. This includes both loot and the materials required to craft or upgrade gear. In addition, players can earn a decent amount of Gil by selling minions on the Market Board. These are especially popular if they are theme-related or reference past Final Fantasy games.

Treasure Hunts and the dungeons found within them are also great places to farm for Gil. These dungeons feature branching paths and games of chance that can lead to a variety of rewards, including Gil. In addition, some dungeons have special vendors that sell items such as minions and furniture for a good price.

A player can also make a lot of Gil by doing Expert Roulettes, which reward a variety of high-level material. These can include glass fibers worth around 80k, i170 materia (worth 10-200k each), and Grade V materia that can be sold on the Market Board for a considerable sum.

Players can also make a reasonable amount of Gil by gardening, although this method is time-consuming. One of the most profitable crops is thavnairian onions, which can be sold for a good amount of Gil. However, these plants are time-consuming to grow and require a Free Company house or personal house where a garden can be maintained.

One of the best times to sell items for gil is just before a new patch. This is because new items sell for a premium with those that are first to craft, gather, and sell them. This can be especially true for items such as end-game weapons, which often sell for a premium over the cheaper alternatives.


Gil is the in-game currency for Final Fantasy XIV, and it is one of the most important resources in the game. It allows players to purchase weapons, armor, and furniture for their characters, as well as houses, mounts, and other in-game items. Gil is also used to pay for services, such as weapon upgrades and repairs. In addition, it can be used to enhance the effectiveness of your character’s skills.

The word “gathering” means to bring together or collect in order to form a larger whole. It can be used in different ways, such as referring to the gathering of a group of people or a group of papers. The term can also refer to the process of gathering a series of data, such as statistics or figures. It can also refer to a technique of sewing, which involves gathering the edges of fabric to create a more full and structured shape. It is a common technique in many types of sewing, including garments, home decor, and heirloom projects.

There are a variety of ways to earn FFXIV Gil, including questing and grinding. While this method can be effective, it requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are other methods of earning Gil that are much easier and faster. One of the most popular ways to acquire FFXIV Gil is through farming, which involves running dungeons and raids in Eorzea. These are a great way to earn a substantial amount of Gil and XP.

Another way to earn FFXIV Gil is by completing FATEs, which are quick, time-limited quests that can be completed in groups of four or more. These quests reward the player with a large amount of XP and Gil, as well as various other rewards. The easiest way to access these quests is by using the Duty Finder. There are many reasons to buy FFXIV Gil online, including the fact that it is safe and secure. However, it is important to choose a trustworthy seller. Mmogah is one of the best options for buying cheap FFXIV Gil, and their customer service is available 24 hours a day.